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Who We Are

Wing Web was founded in June of 2012 by Andrew Wing. Mr. Wing is an avid software developer with over 20 years of direct experience in Solutions Architecture, Business Analysis, and Software Development.

Wing Web’s model is based on Andrew’s desire to offer clients a change of pace from typical software development firms – a partnership approach instead of a project approach. This approach allows for a focus on the long term business requirements and needs of the client,  instead of focusing simply on  short term deliverables. The goal is to not only solve issues clients face today, but anticipate and adapt to future issues as well.

Mr. Wing has grown the company over the past five years to a team of full time developers all of whom have a focus on Business Analysis and Solutions Architecture at their core ensuring that Wing Web can help the client properly solve their problem.

Today, Wing Web has a market focus on Business Automation, Work Flow, Logistics Solutions, Analysis, and Development. This focus enables Wing Web to provide clients with best in class solutions that ensures our clients realize efficiency gains and improvements throughout their enterprises.

What We Provide

At our core Wing Web is Business Driven and Business Minded to ensure that what we deliver to our client partners provides the both business value sought, as well as a solution that will easily scale.. This ensures that our client partners not only receives best-of-class solutions but also derives the business value required.

Wing Web is focused on building long term and lasting relationships with our client partners, where our clients’ success is our only success  criterion. Our model doesn’t force us to hunt for quick projects and then move onto the next one. We foster relationships and bring value to ensure that our clients solutions are in place and kept in place. Wing Web is focused on the long term and not on near term gains.

Wing Web is not a “time and materials” firm. We focus on delivering results to our client partners within the agreed-upon timeframes and budgets that we have discussed. This means a predictable spend and measurable results through the course of our engagement to enable the success of the solution.

Wing Web is a local, Winston Salem, NC based firm with all of our resources located within the NC region. This means that if you prefer someone to be onsite, attend live meetings, or just be in your time zone, we are here for you. No need to worry about the time zone differences, different holidays, or other remote concerns when working with Wing Web.